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  My ECTUtil program gets game information direct from the ECTool files and generates a small JavaScript file which contains all last positions in an EPD similar format. 2 samples could be found below.
  View last positionsHere you can get the latest available information. It will be updated as soon as I receive a new move.
  Print last positionsSimilar to View last position. It show a printable version of the all last positions.
  Replay ongoing gamesHere you can replay ongoing games, but this option will be updated only unregulary. My hope one update per week is feasible. The way of working is: Store all games as pgn and then use PGNtoJS to generate the pages.
  If you are interested in ECTUtil or the JavaScript to show EPD positons please contact "ectutil {at} granz {dot} de". This utility is Free Software
Copyright by Burkhard Granz. All rights reserved.